Even the best writers make mistakes, and we are all likely to miss some of them when checking work later, as we tend to see what we think we have written rather than what is actually there. Errors and inconsistencies can be distracting or even off-putting to readers, and can undermine a message, damage credibility or even give entirely the wrong impression.

There are many reasons you may need a proofreader, whether you are an author looking for a fresh pair of eyes to pick up overlooked mistakes or a business with material that your customers will be seeing. Perhaps you are a non-native speaker with written work that needs tidying up before sending to your clients.

A good proofread will ensure that your writing is accurate and consistent in order to present your words and ideas in their best possible light. It will:

  • find and correct mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation;
  • ensure consistency in spelling, hyphenation and capitalisation;
  • make sure the layout – spacing, headings and so on – is consistent
  • check things such as tables, graphs and illustrations are where they should be and correctly labelled.

Whether you are an author, an organisation or a business I can help, so please get in touch.